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Our people and their mahi

2 Oct 2018

Our people and their mahi

Kris Clayton

In an ongoing series profiling our staff and their mahi (work), we talk to application analyst Kris Clayton about all things IT-related and our work to provide the public with the most efficient data in a user-friendly way ... 

What's your job and what does it involve?

I work in the IT team, looking after our core business management system, Ozone. It's an extremely large piece of software that manages land, people, rates, dogs, cemeteries, consenting, liquor, customer interactions, the entire financial system and much more.

Every day's different - I work with the majority of our teams in Council helping them to achieve their goals from the system, which helps them do their jobs, fix system issues and continuous improvements.

What do you enjoy about your job?

The ability to hook up (or build) new systems to our data set can make it exciting. As an example, we used to keep 3 separate cemetery systems (Ozone, website and paper books). Now everything's sourced directly from Ozone and we present this to the website in both text and map views so people can search the cemetery. I built the text search system from the ground-up and added many new features including historic photographs, sorting results and searching by inscription or what the name sounds like. 

We're currently building new functionality for online payments which will give people the option to pay their Council invoices and payments online.

I enjoy working with teams that are passionate to bring our systems as up-to-date, useful and user-friendly as possible.

What are the challenges of the job?

As a longstanding system, some parts of Ozone are around 20 years old and this brings with it a wealth of technical limitations due to its age.

I often have to think outside the box as to how to work with the data stored within it and how Council can best present modern, future-looking functionality while dealing with older systems internally.

How could the public make it easier for you to get the job done?

By giving us their feedback on how easy (or difficult) our systems are to interact with, on the website or otherwise.

This allows us IT people to work out where to focus our efforts on bringing you the most efficient data in the easiest way possible, and keeping it all secure and running 24/7.

How do you like to spend your time out of Council?

Spending time with family (I have two young children - 3 and 1 respectively) and also I have recently got bitten by the 'ancestry bug' where I spend lots of time researching history of the region and of my family. I also enjoy watching movies and TV shows and pretending to be a software developer.