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Formed car parks and access along Centennial Marine Drive.

Pacific Street to Waipaoa River

5km from the city centre, follow Centennial Marine Drive out to the mouth of the Waipaoa River. Easy cycling distance of the city.

Things to do

  • A31 A - Dogs on Leash
  • Surfing - Surfing
  • Swimming - Swimming

Things you can't do

  • No Camping - X No Camping
  • No Fire - X No Fires

About Kopututea

Kopututea is the sand dunes stretching for 7 kilometres along from Midway Beach towards the mouth of the Waipaoa River.  Kopututea is in private ownership but has generously been made available to the public for many years, and will continue through a co-management relationship between Kopututea Trustees and Council. 

Water quality monitoring

We monitor the water quality of Midway Beach at Pacific Street twice a month in summer and monthly in winter.

Check the water monitoring results page

Kopututea Co-Management Plan

The co-management of this reserve is between Kopututea Trustees and Council.

Read the plan for co-managing Kopututea beach reserve

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