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Adventure Playground

Opening Hours

Pedestrian access 24 hours
Toilets only open 6am-9:30pm


Car park on Centennial Marine Drive, on-street parking on Stanley Road and Awapuni Road

Centennial Marine Drive and Awapuni Road

How to get there

The playground is adjacent to Midway Beach.  It fronts Awapuni Road, Stanley Road and Centennial Marine Drive.

Things to do

  • Duck - Ducks to feed
  • Picnic Table - Picnic Tables
  • Playground - Playground
  • Toilets - Toilets

Things you can't do

  • No Camping - X No Camping
  • No Dogs - X No Dogs
  • No Fire - X No Fires

About Adventure Playground

The Adventure Playground has 9 separate playground areas that offer a great experience to children of all ages. A popular park for a picnic under the trees and a lake where children can feed the ducks.

Event in the park

To book the Adventure Playground for an event - use our online booking form

Management Plan

View the Adventure Playground Reserve Plan


The Adventure Playground was officially opened in 1976, created with the intention of providing an extensive play area for children.

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