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Project background and updates

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Project background and updates

Our region’s Olympic Pool Complex redevelopment is underway. The completed facility will be a modern, year-round, temperature-controlled aquatic centre the whole community can use.

Built in 1974, the popular facility on the city's beach front was originally designed as an outdoor facility used in summer but shut in winter.

Much loved by the public and visitors to the region, the facility grew in shape and size over the years. More recently it’s begun to show its age and has a growing list of maintenance issues.

A redevelopment project has been discussed at Council level since 2006 and, in 2017, we consulted on preferred options as part of the 2018-2020 Long Term Plan.

A redevelopment was always going to be expensive and in the past estimated costs have risen from $14-$17m in 2016 to $46 million this year.

The government’s announcement in 2020 of $40m towards the Olympic Pool redevelopment as part of its nation-wide shovel-ready stimulus package was a cause for a celebration. 

The government is funding the redevelopment through the Crown Infrastructure Partners (CIP) Covid-19 response.  Council has committed $5.65m to the project and will make up the shortfall if another funding source cannot be found to meet the $46m price tag.

Here's more information about the construction work and phases.

The outdoor pool will stay open while the 50m pool is decommissioned and rebuilt.

Want more detail?

Here's reports that went to Council in August 2020, that includes the business case, concept designs, landscape design and programme(external link)