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Old4New is back to save lives this summer

24 Jan 2019

Old4New is back to save lives this summer


The Old4New van will be in Gisborne on Sunday 27 January at the Coastguard building on The Esplanade from 2-5pm and then near the marina from 6-8pm.

Life jackets save lies, but old life jackets are no good in an emergency.

 “Life jackets that are over 10 years old should be replaced even if they look OK to the eye. 

Seawater, sun and general wear and tear impact how effective they are and many old life jackets won’t event float, which is a serious concern in an emergency” says Coastguard CEO Patrick Holmes.

Worryingly, many people are also still using life jackets filled with kapok – a fluffy plant fibre similar to cotton which can absorb water. These life jackets are extremely dangerous so if you have one – destroy it immediately and replace it with a new modern one. 

The Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade campaign provides an easy and accessible way for people to check their life jacket is up to scratch, and replace them if they aren’t, says Mr Holmes.  

Life jackets, including inflatable versions, need to be checked each year. If you’re in any doubt as to how to check your life jacket, visit the Old4New van and they will show you what you need to do and look out for.

“The more old, damaged and dangerous lifejackets that are removed from the community the better”, adds Mr Holmes.

Old4New Q&As and check out the savings [PDF, 554 KB]