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Eastland Port Limited - resource consent application

Application number

LU-2017-107936-00; CD-2017-107937-00; LL-2017-107938-00


WHARF 6 & WHARF 7 - Kaiti Beach Road

Legal description

Lot 1 DP 327614, Lot 21 DP 7819


Eastland Port Limited

Address for service

Consents applied for



This application seeks consent to redevelop Wharf 6 and Wharf 7 to allow the berthing and loading facilities for shipping vessels, the fishing fleet and the port tugs.

Assessment of Environmental Effects

Folio of Key Plans

Appendix A Resource Consent Application Documents

Appendix B Worley Parsons Engineering Report

Appendix C Draft Construction Management Plan (Environmental Component) Table of Contents

Appendix D Existing Maintenance Dredging Coastal Permits

Appendix E InSitu Heritage Port Wide Archaeological Assessment

Appendix F 4Sight Ecology & Water Quality Effects Assessment Report

Appendix G.1 Malcolm Hunt & Associates Noise and Vibration Effects Assessment Report

Appendix H Heritage NZ Archaeological Authority

Appendix I Insight Report Plans on Former Sacred Rock

Appendix J Ministry of Justice Records on Marine and Coastal Area Act Applications

Appendix K Council Pre-Lodgement Meeting Minutes and Eastland Port Response

Appendix L Record of Consultation

Appendix M Schedule 3 to Resource Management (Marine Pollution) Regulations


Section 92 - Further Information Response:

Section 92 response letter

Section 92 response - noise matters

List of activities

Proposed conditions


Sec 95 Notification Report:

s95 Notification Report - Wharf 6 & 7


Copies of Submissions:



Additional Information:

Ecology Matters

Noise Matters

Letter re Submissions

Further response to Submissions

Noise Monitoring

Malcolm Hunt Noise AEE Report

Wharf 6 & 7 Proposed Conditions Version 2


 Additional Information following Pre-Hearing Meeting Thursday 29 March 2018

Pre-Hearing meeting minutes

Wharf 6 & 7 Proposed Conditions Version 3

Letter re noise and ecology matters

Proposed mitigation and remedies - response to submission from Rongowhakaata

Gisborne Rail Action Group - Additional material in support of their original submission:

Logging Truck Survey January 2018

Log Movements

Allan Kiri Powerpoint Presentation February 19 2018 


Sec 42A Council Officer's Report

s.42A Officer's Report

s.42A Officer's Report Addendum

Appendix 5: Technical Memos and Correspondence

Dr Shane Kelly - Ecology

Dr Stephen Chiles - Noise

Sally McKinnon - Coastal Effects and Conditions

Darren Cox - Roading

Appendix 6: Planning Maps

Planning Maps


Applicant's Technical Evidence

Statement of Evidence of David Aubourg

Statement of Evidence of Mark Poynter

Statement of Evidence of Malcolm Hunt

Statement of Evidence of Max Dunn

Statement of Evidence of Martin Bayley










Date notified


Submissions close


Public notice

Public Notices


Todd Whittaker




Submissions received

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