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Navigate Tairāwhiti - projects

Embark on an historic journey to explore the places of first arrivals and first meetings and encounter the stories of our people and our great navigators – Navigate Tairawhiti!

Navigate Tairāwhiti programme comprises 5 projects:

Inner harbour upgrade 

Project budget - 3.7m Council and $5.9m external funding.

Project status 


Wainui Road reserve
Crawford Road car parks and landscaping
Esplanade parking and landscaping

Waterfront groves, furniture, parking and narrative - by Sept - Dec 2019

About the project

In partnership with Eastland Port we’ve transformed our waterfront to become a natural visitor destination and thriving hospitality precinct. 

The redevelopment revitalises the streetscape of the inner harbour. Work included enhancements to new and upgraded parking, new toilet, green spaces with landscaping, improved lighting and pedestrian and cycle friendly connections.  

Cultural elements are woven throughout the space to make it a destination where people can experience and reflect our navigational heritage. 

Titirangi summit - Te Taumata o Titirangi

Project budget 

90k Council and $6.1 external funding

Project status

Read the Titirangi Summit Business Case

Earthworks, demolition and landscaping - by Sept 2019

Building construction and narrative - by 2020

About the project

Working together with Ngati Oneone, we’re exploring a redevelopment of the summit of Titirangi following the closure of the James Cook Observatory (1971) due to earthquake risk. 

The redevelopment includes a new multi-use wānanga (learning/gathering space) and panoramic viewing facility, car park, landscaping and furniture, offering a unique visitor experience at one of the region’s most iconic locations. 

Our preferred option is to develop a new aspirational facility that will provide a destination for observation, education, tourism, providing for matauranga Maori and telling the history of the maunga and its legacy. 

We applied to the Provincial Growth Fund and were awarded funds in September 2018 to continue through to the detailed design phase.

We plan to retain the gun emplacement due to its historical value, and will develop the final design for a multi-purpose building in partnership with iwi and after further engagement with the community. 


Cook Landing site - Puhi Kai Iti

Project budget:
$5.3m external funding and further funding required

Project status

Cook monument strengthening 
Puhi Kai Iti Cook Landing site narrative, sculpture and landscaping 
Te Maro sculpture

1000-year pedestrian bridge connecting to Titirangi - by 2020  

About the project

Ngati Oneone in partnership with the Department of Conservation and Council redeveloped the Cook Landing site and the commemoration site of Te Maro, a significant Ngati Oneone tipuna. 

The landing site is one of only 3 national historic reserves in New Zealand and marks the arrival of James Cook and the Endeavour in 1769. 

The redevelopment also acknowledges the location of the Whare Wananga Puhi Kai Iti and the landing site of the navigator Maia’s waka circa 1300. 

The project includes the construction of a new pedestrian bridge to connect the site to Titirangi and the development of a commemoration site of Te Maro, a great gardener of the local mana whenua.

The bespoke pedestrian bridge will reflect storytelling and interpretation of 1000 years of arrival and navigation in our region. 

The entire redevelopment provides a visitor experience of 1000 years of our navigational history through installation of taonga, improved heritage interpretation and storytelling elements, connections, landscaping and amenities.

Funding of $3.1m from the Lottery Significant project fund and $1.6m Provincial Growth Fund have been received to date.


Titirangi maunga restoration 

Project budget   
$1.3 Council, plus operational budget and $500k external funding

Project status

In progress
Whaia Titirangi planting and conservation programme – ongoing

Signage replacement – by Oct - Dec 2019 
Cook Plaza upgrade – by 2020

Playground replaced and relocated - July 2019  
Cook Plaza statue removed - May 2019 
Homeguard walking track - 2019 
Lower car park upgrade - 2019 
Track improvements - 2018 
Pine harvest and revegetation - 2017

About the project

We're working co-management with Ngati Oneone, and with the support of community groups and the Department of Conservation to restore our sacred maunga (mountain).  

We’re restoring sites on the reserve, native revegetation and weed control, as well as enhancing tracks, car parks, furniture, historic interpretation and information including navigations arrival and settlement stories. 
A new plant pest control programme, Whaia Titirangi will assist in managing weeds on the reserve. The programme is the first of its kind working in collaboration with Ngati Oneone that will enhance our kaitiakitanga. 

A network of walking tracks will be extended and upgraded. And includes new tracks from Te Poho-o-Rawiri marae to the summit, from the Waikahua cottage site to Kaiti Beach in conjunction with Eastland Port and from Rakaiatane Road to the new Te Maro commemoration site overlooking the harbour.  

The restoration is a 4 year project, supported by $1.3m Council funding to undertake harvesting and revegetation.  Additional $45k funding from Department of Conservation has contributed toward weed management. Funding from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment of $486,900 has been allocated to the development of car parks and establishing walking tracks.

Estimates to revegetate the remaining areas and maintain them over the next 3 years is $3.8m. Funding and options on how to pay for ongoing revegetation work is currently being explored. 


Tupapa - historic interpretations

Tupapa -  bilingual historic interpretations includes 2 view shafts 3D maps, one on the Turanganui riverside and one on Titirangi summit; 10 pou (markers) and a website and mobile app that share the tangata whenua stories of iwi arrival and settlement and great navigators.

Developed by a partnership of the 4 Turanga iwi, people can take self-guided walk that connects sites from Waikanae Beach to Cook Landing Site and Titirangi Reserve. 

Go to the Tupapa website(external link) and download the app. 

Tupapa was developed with $2,250,000 from Eastland Community Trust. 

Status: completed April 2019
Project budget $2.25m external funding


Turanganui Bridge and slipway

Tairāwhiti Navigations Governance Group comprising of iwi chairs, Te Ha, Historic Places Trust, Eastland Group, Eastland Community Trust representatives and councillors met in December 2017. At this meeting members supported the decision that the Turanganui Bridge project does not proceed at this time (remains as a concept only). There may be an opportunity to proceed at a future time, such as once Eastland Port’s training wall has been strengthened and better walkway connections to the bridge can be supported.

The Turanganui Bridge will provide access to the closest site we now have to the sacred Te Toka a Taiau/ao (where the port’s slipway is in the middle of the harbour).  The concept is about recognising the significance of this site to iwi as well as being the place where Maori and European first met in 1769.

Artist Impression The Esplanade

Artist impression - The Esplanade

Artist Impression Works Carpark

Artist impression - Works car park

Artist Impression Soho Carpark

Artist impression - Soho car park