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Navigate Tairāwhiti project documents and media releases about the project.

Inner Harbour - Phase 1 Plans [PDF, 1.8 MB] 
Tairawhiti Navigations Book - The Big Picture [PDF, 1.3 MB] 
Tairawhiti Observatory Concept [PDF, 6 MB]

The master plan is the strategy document for the Urban Design Strategy Plan 2015 

Tairawhiti Navigations Master Plan Pages 1-27 [PDF, 10 MB] |  Pages 27-53 [PDF, 11 MB]  
Historic Interpretations Implementations Plan [PDF, 10 MB]   
Titirangi Reserve Management Plan

Media releases

January 2019 - Trees and vegetation cleared from The Esplanade

Overgrown trees and vegetation removed bear the Gladstone Road Bridge...Read more(external link)

October 2018 - 3 palms removed on Wainui Road

Palms removed to allow way for new sewer pipe...Read more(external link)

October 2018 - Cook Plaza redevelopment plans approved

Draft concept plans including removal of Cook replica statue... Read more(external link)

September 2018 - Weeds target of new Whaia Titirangi programme

Control programme in collaboration with Ngati Oneone... Read more(external link)  

September 2018 - Tupapa - Our Stand, Our Story

10 pou in the shape of waka sails on a trail from Turanganui River to the inner harbour, Cook Landing Site and Titirangi... Read more(external link) 

September 2018 - Construction work continues at The Esplanade

Work to install new pipes continues in preparation for stage 2... Read more(external link) 

September 2018 - Funding boost for Tairawhiti Navigations

$6.1M awarded from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) for the Titirangi summit redevelopment... Read more(external link) 

August 2018 - Inner Harbour redevelopment finalised

Design plans finalised for stage 2 of construction ... Read more(external link)

July 2018 - Site investigations at Titirangi summit

Earthworks required to correct instability issues around the observatory... Read more(external link)

June 2018 - Navigations trail set to install

A heritage interpretation experience named ‘Tupapa – Our stand. Our story’... Read more(external link)

June 2018 - Concepts presented for Cook Landing Site

Plans also presented for a bridge currently referred to as the ‘1000 year walkway’... Read more(external link)(external link)

May 2018 - 5 phoenix palms removed

The palm trees will be replaced with native trees and rain gardens... Read more(external link)

May 2018 - Plant pests removed from Titirangi Reserve

Great progress in clearing pest plants... Read more(external link)

April 2018 - Titirangi summit development one step closer

Preferred option to develop an inspirational facility in partnership with iwi... Read more(external link)

April 2018 - Construction work underway on Esplanade

Old sewer pipes will be replaced during the redevelopment work... Read more(external link)

February 2018 - Inner harbour upgrade starts

Construction starts on phase 1 of the inner harbour upgrade ...Read more

April 2017 - Clear direction given for Navigations and Inner harbour projects

Councillors were given a thorough update on 3 of the 4 projects...Read more

August 2015 - Training wall walkway ruled out 

Underwater investigations on the training wall has confirmed it could not support a walkway in its current state ...Read more

December 2010 - Concepts for Tairāwhiti Navigations Project

A concept for the pathways and storyboards that will tell the story of this region's rich navigation history is
...Read more

October 2010 - Contract to progress Tairāwhiti Navigations Project is signed

The project is making good progress after receiving a grant from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise in June this year.

July 2010 - 3 economic development projects funded by NZTE

3 projects identified in the Regional Development Plan have secured $323,600 from New Zealand Trade & Enterprise. 
Read more ...

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