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Moko to delight at Olympic pool

25 Nov 2010

Moko to delight at Olympic pool

Moko the much loved dolphin has made a repeat appearance in Gisborne, and this time he is here to stay. A sculpture of the cheeky dolphin was unveiled last week at Gisborne’s Olympic Pool Complex.

The project of Olympic Pool staff member Owen Williams, the sculpture of Moko is the first memorial to the much loved dolphin that lived in Mahia and Gisborne for 3 years. Owen started designing the sculpture shortly after Moko’s death in July. “I had already been thinking about making a new sculpture to join Ollie the Elephant (which Williams sculpted 8 years ago) in the toddlers’ pool,” says Owen. “When I heard about Moko’s passing, it just seemed like this would be the perfect thing to create.”

The sculpture of the city’s favourite visitor will provide lots of fun for the crowds who flock to the beachside pool complex throughout the year. Moko will be safe for kids to play on as they enjoy the outdoor toddlers’ pool. The dolphin is depicted on his belly with his tail in the air.

“Moko gave so much joy to so many people,” says Owen, “and I’d like to see that same happiness continued. I wanted to do something that would be interactive, because the experience people had with Moko was so interactive. So many people came and swam with him and just felt his joy that way. Now kids can come and play on him at the pool, swim with him in the water, and it just feels good that this is how you continue his memory.”

Aitkens Concrete donated the materials to make Moko, and Brian Shepherd from BCS Signs contributed a plaque to commemorate the dolphin. After the summer, Moko will be painted with materials provided by Resene.