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Millennium wall

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Millennium wall

The millennium wall was built for the Year 2000 celebrations.  The Millennium Wall

The wall sits looking out over Midway Beach along Gisborne city's foreshore. The view from the wall is across the bay towards Young Nick's Head and Kaiti Beach.  

Tiles with names on the wall

Tiles are engraved with names and then installed on the wall.  The Year 2000 saw 4 panels containing approximately 32,000 names installed.

Each panel is 6 metres long and contains 80 tiles (A4 size) of black granite with 100 names on each tile.  View from the millennium wall to Young Nicks Head
Recently a fifth panel has been installed containing a further 3,476 names purchased since January 2000.

Finding a name on wall

If you have a name on the wall and want a photo of it, please email our agents info@gisbornenz.com with the name you are looking for.

Put a name on the millennium wall

If you want to put your name on the millennium wall, email our agents for more information at info@gisbornenz.com.

How the millennium wall idea developed

Californian entrepreneur Chuck Gayton approached the Gisborne District Council with a proposal to construct a "Millennium Wall" along Gisborne's foreshore.

Chuck Gayton was a partner in Trans Global Enterprises, the company behind the Millennium Wall.  He is a member of Relevents a multi-national consortium of event designers and producers who work jointly with local partners in 26 countries.

The wall sits alongside Awapuni Stadium facing Midway Beach.

Year 2000 celebrations

The wall and the sun rising on the first day of the new millennium provided the backdrop for the televised New Year's Day concert.  The programme was broadcast by the internet shopping channel QVC to an estimated 65 million homes.