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Midway beachfront BBQs

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Midway beachfront BBQs

We have 2 electric double burner barbeques on the Midway Beach end of the Oneroa walkway between the Beacon car park and Midway surf club. They are free to use.

How to operate the BBQs 

They are both push button operated - push and hold the ignition button.  Midway Beach BBQs
The hot plates will stay heated for 28 minutes, a buzzer will sound 3 times at the end of the cooking cycle, then automatically switch off.

Be aware that the hot plates run at about 200°C - so please supervise children around the BBQs.
Don't sit or stand on the BBQs at any time.  
We also ask that you:

1. clean the BBQ plate after use - so it's ready for the next user
2. put your rubbish in the bins provided
3. limit your time on the BBQs - so others can use them too.

Please look after and enjoy this great asset.