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Fresh Water Advisory Group Meeting Notes

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Fresh Water Advisory Group Meeting Notes

Reports and papers to assist with the development of the Freshwater Plan.

Regional Plan: Beds of rivers, lakes and wetlands (88kb)
This report outlines the proposed approached to the management of activities within the beds of rivers, lakes and wetlands

Regional Plan: Scheduled waterbodies (127kb)
This paper outlines how significant freshwater values of particular waterbodies are proposed to be managed within the Regional Fresh Water Plan through the use of Schedules in the Plan

Policy, Methods and rules for discharges (177kb)
This paper outlines the proposed policies, methods and approach to rules for discharges within the Fresh Water Plan

The Waipaoa Catchment Plan - an update (448kb)
This report describes its structure, content and how it relates to the regional provisions of the Fresh Water Plan

Water quantity policies, methods and rules (136kb)
This paper outlines the approach to managing water quantity. Two tables attached in Appendix 1; the proposed policy approaches, methods and rules and the Waipaoa catchment water quality limits. These are working documents and under constant refinement as we liaise with FWAG and other stakeholders

Fresh Water Advisory Group meeting notes 

11 March 2015 [PDF, 183 KB]
Agenda items: project managers update, Managed Aquifer Recharge trial update, Waipaoa catchment model, stormwater and sediment quality in urban environments.