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Lost and found dogs

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Lost and found dogs

If your dog has gone missing, contact us. Also check our online pound register(external link) 

Animal shelter hours and locationPound puppies.

Our animal shelter is open every day between 8am - 8.30am. 

You'll find the shelter at the end of Dunstan Road, Matawhero.
If you would like to visit outside these hours, please contact us

Impounded dogs

Check our register of impounded dogs(external link) 

Details on the impounded dog register

If your dog is currently registered, microchipped and wearing its tag, we will know who it belongs to.  The date and time the dog was impounded and all other details including a photo will display.
If your dog's not registered or microchipped - we won't have any details apart from the date and time it was picked up, the breed, sex, colour and a photo.

Contact us if you find your dog on the register

If your dog's impounded and it's registration is current, it may be quickly returned to you - provided it hasn't been seized because it's attacked a person or animal.
We only release dogs once all impounding fees are paid. 
There could be additional charges for registration, kennel or any veterinary fees.

Pound fees and charges

Dogs in our animal shelter

We hold dogs in the pound for 7 days before adoption or euthanasia.

We assess all dogs while they’re in the pound. We will rehome suitable dogs.
We won’t rehome unsuitable or aggressive dogs. We’re reluctant to rehome bull terrier type dogs due to their unpredictable nature. We match dogs with the youngest member of the family for best fit.

We don’t foster dogs. Legally to leave the pound they must be registered and microchipped and we abide by this law.

Report a found dog

To report a found dog - contact us 24/7

If the dog's friendly and you're happy to hold it until the owner can be contacted, let us know. Otherwise staff will collect the dog and hold it in the pound.

Roaming dogs

We don't expect people to restrain roaming dogs. However, if the dog is approachable and you can do so safely, animal control will pick it up as soon as possible.

If the dog's not approachable or aggressive our advice is don't approach it and we'll attend as soon as we can. But our staff may be out on other call outs so it's as soon as we can get there.
We need details such as description, where it was last seen, directions it's heading in and if you know where it lives.

Contact us 24/7   

Adopt a dog

We will try to re-home suitable dogs that have been abandoned or surrendered. Talk to our animal control team.