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Licensing traders

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Licensing traders

Licensing information for mobile shops, hawkers and itinerant traders. The following definitions include:

Mobile shop

A mobile shop is a vehicle from which goods are offered for sale.


A hawker is a person who carries around (usually on foot) goods for sale.  This excludes those who sell their goods from a vehicle (see mobile shop). 

Other traders

An itinerant trader is a person who sets up a temporary business, that has not been resident in the district for 6 months and intends to operate for no more than 6 months, selling goods from a premises.  This excludes hawkers and mobile shops.

Full definitions are described in the Mobile Shops, Hawkers, Stalls and Other Traders Bylaw

Applying for a mobile shop, hawker or other trader licence

You need to fill in the application form

You need to provide the following information on your application:

  • date of birth of applicant or sales person
  • registration numbers, make and model of vehicles or trailers used for mobile shops
  • describe the goods you are selling
    • If you are selling food, there are additional requirements you must comply with.
  • 2 character references
  • payment of the fee

We send all applications to the police for their comment.  It takes about 10 working days to process an application.

For conditions and requirements with each type of licence, read the information in the application form

The fees are set out in the current fees & charges.

You should also read the bylaw for more information

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Bylaw - Mobile Shops, Hawkers, Stalls and Other Traders Bylaw 2014

Application Form and Information - Mobile Shops, Hawkers, Itinerant Traders [PDF, 213 KB]

 Fees and charges - see the environmental health section