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Licences and consents

Your event may require more than one licence or consent

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Licences and consents

Depending on your event, you may require other licenses and consents from us. 

These questions will help guide you on what other approvals may be required. Some applications require up to 90 working days to process.  
Talk to us early in your planning stage, if you have any questions email events@gdc.govt.nz 

The first form you need to complete is the Application to Hold an Event Form

Where will your event be held? 

Council land

If you plan to hold it on any Council land, this includes public parks, sports grounds, reserves, beaches or any open space, then you need approval first.

Fill in our online booking form.  Do this early to check if the space is available.
Book a Park or Reserve Form and information

Private property

If your event will be on private land you may require resource consent. Talk to our duty planner early to see what you need. 

Resource consent may also be needed if your event is not a permitted activity in the District Plan.
Talk to our duty planner 


Food - selling or supplying?

Food sellers at an event need to register as a food business, unless they're exempt. 

An event organiser monitors food sellers and facilitate food safety at the event.

Selling food at an event and organisers information
Lodge application at least 20 working days before the event


Alcohol - selling?

If you're selling alcohol, or ticket cost includes alcohol - you need to apply for a Special Licence.

If the event is planned for around Christmas / New Year your application needs to be lodged before mid-November.

Special Licence Form and fees 
Lodge application at least 20 working days before the event


Do you need to close a road?

If your event involves any activities on a road or footpath you need to apply to temporarily close a road.

A Traffic Management Plan is required for any event that stops, delays or increases vehicle or pedestrian traffic.

Temporary Road Closure Form  
Lodge application at least 10 weeks prior to the event

Traffic Management Plan - what's required 
Lodge your plan with us 20 working days prior to the event.

Every road closure must have a Traffic Management Plan.


Health and safety

A health and safety management plan is required, as it's a priority when organising an event. Some events will require a site safety plan and a security plan. 
Talk to us for more information.


District Plan - does your event comply?

The event organiser is responsible to ensure the event complies with the District Plan. If the event is not a permitted activity in the Plan, then a resource consent may be required.  Talk to our planning staff early.  

Resource Consent Form - fees and processing times 
Lodge application 90 working days for a notified consent. 20 working days for a non-notified consent


Signs - do you plan to have signage?

All temporary signs must be kept on the site of the event. There can only be one portable sandwich board sized sign in the road reserve. Any other signs in any public place will require resource consent. 

Resource Consent Form and fees 
Lodge application at least 20 working days before the event


Smokefree outdoor areas policy

All our Council reserves are designated smokefree.
Any Council sponsored or run events are designated smokefree under our Smokefree Outdoor Areas Policy.
While compliance with the policy is voluntary, we recommend using signs at your event which can be sourced free of charge from Smokefree.org.nz(external link)


Your venue - any temporary structures?

Any structures such as a marquee over 100m2, a platform or stage higher than 1.4m or a lighting tower require consent. We need to ensure structures, including tents and marquees, meet fire safety requirements.

Your application must be approved and an inspection carried out before your event takes place. Talk to our duty building inspector for advice.

Building Consent Form to erect a temporary structure  
A deposit is required.


Amusement device

If you plan to operate an amusement device such as a merry-go-round, you need a certificate of registration of an Amusement Device from Worksafe New Zealand - visit their website for more information.



If you plan to offer temporary camping type accommodation, you need approval first.

Temporary Camping Ground ApplicationForm [PDF, 102 KB] 
Lodge application at least 20 working days prior to event


Waste management - toilets, wastewater and rubbish

Talk to us if your event will require toilets on septic tank systems and rubbish and recycling stations. 

Guide to the number of toilets required [PDF, 133 KB]

Trade Waste Consent - Temporary Discharge of Liquid Wastes 

Rubbish and recycling information


Marine water activities

If you're planning any activities in or around beaches or rivers, you need approval. Our marine areas extends from Mahia up to Lottin Point.

Marine Event Application Form [PDF, 259 KB]
Lodge application at least 40 working days before the event


Fire permit - fire in the open or fireworks

You need a fire permit for an open fire, that includes hangi.
For fireworks displays you need to provide a certificate for an outdoor pyrotechnic display. 
Apply online www.checkitsalright.nz(external link)  


Need more advice?

Talk to us early in your event planning stage.
We can guide you on the consents and licences you may require.  
Email any questions to events@gdc.govt.nz