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The timeline of major milestones in the library expansion project.

16 April 2018 - Grand opening 

March 2017 - Site blessed, construction started 

Feb 2017 - Library services temporarily relocate to 53 Awapuni Road so the library can continue to operate during construction.

December 2016 - Council agrees to tender from Watts and Hughes, construction to begin in March.

September 2016 - Tender process goes out to open tender, shortlist of 3 contractors is developed.

April 2016 - Detailed design submitted to Council and accepted.

Feb 2016 - ECCT agree to grant $180k funding

September 2015 - Funding boosted with donations from the JN Williams Memorial Trust of $1m and $860k from the Eastland Community Trust. Read the media release

February 2015 - Chow:Hill have supplied an amendment for the project advisory group to discuss.

January 2015 - Architects started a detailed design of the library.

August 2014 - Chow:Hill and Team Architects concepts go to Council for recommendations.

May 2014 - 2 architect firms appointed to develop concepts for an expansion. They'll develop concepts for a $3.5m and $5.5m expansion.

November 2013 - Council approved an expansion to take place using the land available in the library park and car park.

March 2013 - a number of options investigated on how to expand the building and preliminary costs.

January 2013 - scoping started.

$1.6m bequest funding can only be used on a council owned asset which eliminates all lease options.