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Level 3 water restrictions now in effect

12 Feb 2020

Level 3 water restrictions now in effect

As water demand continues to exceed supply from the Waingake Water Treatment plant, level 3 water restrictions will come into effect for Gisborne city from tomorrow.

This means a total sprinkler ban for residential users and limited outdoor use for commercial and industry.

While usage has decreased on days with cooler temperatures, there are still days where demand is more than the Waingake water treatment plant can supply.

The Waipaoa Water Treatment Plant is operating to assist with meeting demand, however the operation of this plant relies on the Waipaoa River flow levels.

If the river drops to the minimum flow limit, the plant must be shut off and this will trigger more water restrictions unless the daily city water demand reduces.

The river flow is getting close to the cut-off limits.

 “It’s essential our residential customers and the commercial and industrial users limit outdoor water use and actively conserve water to avoid heightened restrictions,” says team leader for drinking water, Judith Robertson.

“There is no rain forecast for the next week and it could remain dry for the rest of the month. We’ve had very little rain so far this summer and we need the community and industry users to take these restrictions seriously.”

A level four restriction would result in a total outdoor water ban for residential users. Outdoor water usage would be restricted for commercial/industrial users and they would be required to implement business continuance plans.

If you notice irresponsible water use, ‘Tap that App’ using the GDC Fix app to let us know so we can follow up.

There are plenty of ways to make water go further around the house including collecting water from the shower to use on gardens, looking after pool water and fixing leaks.

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