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Let's talk rates

We propose to change the way we allocate rates to pay for some Council activities. This would mean the amount in annual rates you pay may change. Some ratepayers may pay more and others may pay less.


We've taken on board community feedback about the ability to pay rates and the way rates are allocated in our region. We’ve reviewed our rating system and the 3 major drivers for the proposed changes are:  

• The ability to pay rates for some ratepayers. 
• Road maintenance and who should pay. 
• Infrastructure maintenance and who should pay.

The 5 proposed changes

We're proposing changes to the following rates: 

• General Rate
• Forestry Roading Rate
• Wastewater, Water Supply and Coastal Maintenance Rate
• Stormwater Rates
• City Centre Management and Promotion Rate

How the proposed changes affect ratepayers?

The proposed changes won't change the total amount of rates money we collect. We would still collect the same amount.

What would change is how the rates are allocated across ratepayers.

The proposed changes may affect the amount you pay in rates. Each ratepayer will see a different impact.


Check your rates to see the impactRates Tool

Check to see how the proposed rate changes impact your property.  Use our online rates tool(external link) 


Tell us what you think

It's important you tell us what you think of the proposed changes.
Fill in the online form below.

Your feedback will help Councillors decide whether these proposed changes are made or not.

Feedback closes 5pm Wednesday 14 October 2020Tell us

If you would prefer to talk to us, join us at a virtual meeting or pop into one of our community hui near you. Here's the details

More information

If you would like to read more about the proposed changes, please read our Statement of Proposal 
We also have other supporting documents to read.


Feedback Form - tell us what you thinkQuestion

If your rates are likely to go up or down with the proposed changes, it's important you tell us what you think. 

Your contact details

Do you agree that...

Q1. Everyone should contribute through their General Rate to pay for Wastewater, Stormwater, Water Supply and Coastal Maintenance?
Q2. We increase the forestry roading rate so forestry pays more towards the cost of the budgeted roading maintenance?
Q3. We change our forestry definition for rating purposes. Properties with 20 hectares or more of forestry would be rated forest. The rate would only apply to the area in forestry.
Q4. We replace the 2 wastewater rates with one to better reflect use of the wastewater services?
Q5. We make the rate the same for all properties connected to the wastewater system? This does not apply to properties with septic tanks.
Q6. We change how we rate for the stormwater service from a rate per property to a rate per household?
Q7. We remove the rate for city centre management and promotion?

Do you have any other suggestions you'd like Council to consider for how rates are allocated?

Privacy information : Please note that all submissions will be made publicly available at Council offices and the HB Williams Memorial Library.  A summary may also be made available on our website.
Personal information will only be used for administration relating to the subject matter of the submissions, including notifying submitters of hearings and decisions.
All information will be held by Gisborne District Council with submitters having the right to access and correct personal information.

Would you like to speak to councillors at the council meeting, early November about your submission?