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Korero from councillor Andy Cranston

18 Sep 2018

Korero from councillor Andy Cranston

Andy Cranston

Problems rarely just go away. For years, many of our district’s challenges have been identified and understood.  What has not been clear is just how to resource the remedies. As we all know, district roading has been long-suffering so the recent funding announcements has everyone excited by what such a significant contribution could achieve for the betterment of the district. 

With the lions’ share of the allocation earmarked for roading, I can say with confidence significant improvements are on the way.  I am excited to see the Government’s intention to widely assist the needs and potential in our region.

Largely addressing the priorities of our Tairawhiti Economic Action Plan, the intention to support business and job growth can only be seen as a beneficial collaboration.  It is now up to us as a community to seize the moment and work hard to get the full benefits. I am aware of the scale of the work stream in front of us, but eagerly anticipate the outcomes. We live here because we understand that it is such a great place to live, but it would be naïve to believe it cannot be better. It can and is about to.

The Titirangi Summit Development is also to receive a significant boost and I expect to see this project accelerate. With Tuia and Te Ha commemorations approaching, there are concerns about a potential gap between what we would like to present to the world and what we actually can.  The celebrations are a rare opportunity to present Te Tairawhiti to the world and the further we can get with our enhancement intentions and opportunities, the better. 

 The Lawson Field Theatre renovation is well underway and the end result is going to be a much improved and significant feature that will compliment Awarua. 

As an organisation Council has done a lot, is doing a lot, and has a lot still to do. It is important to recognise that projects get completed and people come and go, but the organisational portfolio remains vast. The overarching impact is always a desire to progress our place. It is great to receive such positive contributions which empower our intentions to make our place a better place.

Thanks to all for the efforts.