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Impacts on beaches and rivers from flood events

3 Jul 2018

Impacts on beaches and rivers from flood events

Wood Slash

Council staff have been assessing the impact of debris on our environment by site visits and aerial surveys to help inform the clean-up and restoration work that needs to happen in our rivers and on beaches.

Forestry contractors, Kuru Contracting, have started clean up on the Tolaga Bay beachfront near the wharf. But we’re also looking at the extent of debris washed up in places like Kaiaua, Loisel’s and Tokomaru and Tikapa.

This week, we’ve been surveying beaches between Gisborne and Tokomaru Bay using drones, that will also allow us to see into hard to reach areas.

We need to determine the volume of debris to coordinate our resources and how we’ll dispose of the material.

Using this information, we will coordinate a work programme for cleaning up. We anticipate work will happen over a number of months.

Council’s science team are also currently looking at the impacts on ecology and aquatic life in affected waterways. We’ll provide more information on the findings as studies are completed.

GNS Science specialists will be in Gisborne this week to conduct aerial assessments for landslide risks.

We’ll be able to update communities about any safety risks or vulnerable areas in our future updates.

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