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Heavy rain damages road at Anaura Bay

24 Jun 2009

Heavy rain damages road at Anaura Bay

Heavy rain earlier this month has caused major damage to the road above Anaura Bay that leads to Nuhiti (Shark Bay).  

A 40 metre section of the road has dropped by 1.5 metres. Road users are advised that the road is restricted to light vehicles with a maximum weight of 1.5 tonnes only. Extreme care is needed when using this section of road.

Council contractors are using a lightweight digger to reinstate single-lane access to the settlement. Repair works are expected to cost $3000 and will restore access to Nuhiti Station and the baches which rely on the road for access to the settlement.

This is not the first time the road has been adversely affected by a weather event. Heavy rainfall and flooding last June caused severe damage to the road making it inaccessible for several months. The road was repaired by retreating, or digging into, the neighbouring hill at a cost of $50,000. Fortunately this work is currently holding and some rock protection works will be undertaken in summer.

An update of the situation was presented to the Engineering and Works Committee last week. It considered what options are available should the road be damaged further.

These included retreating or digging further into the hill. However there is limited capacity to continue to do this. Alternatively the road could be abandoned or a complete realignment undertaken which could cost $600k. Due to low traffic volumes, this last option would not meet the economic criteria for subsidy assistance. Costs of any realignment, if considered, will have to be met by council.