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Heating your home

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Heating your home

With some planning homes can be made more comfortable, warmer in winter, cooler in summer and healthier to live in.

Unflued gas heaters

If you heat your home with an unflued gas heater you must use it correctly. Safe use tips include:

  • only use the heater in a ventilated room, with internal doors and a window open
  • don't use the heater where people sleep, in a bathroom, caravan or tent
  • only use the heater for short periods of  time
  • only use a licensed gas fitter to install fixed heaters
  • read and follow any instructions that come with the heater
  • get the heater serviced each year by a qualified person.

What is an unflued gas heater?

An unflued gas heater burns gas to produce heat and has no flue or chimney to carry the air pollutants outside or away.
Some heaters are portable or plugged into a gas outlet through a wall or floor socket with a flexible hose, or they may be LPG cabinet heaters. Others may be fixed to a wall. Patio heaters are another type of unflued gas heater and these should never be used indoors.

Woodburner fires

Information about installing a woodburner fireplace

Homestar - rating system for homes

Homestar online tool(external link) is a home rating system that allows you to assess your home's performance in comfort, health and energy-efficiency. 

It also provides useful information and suggestions on how to make your home healthier and cost-effective options for improving home health, comfort and efficiency.

Homestar was developed by a joint venture partnership between BRANZ, Beacon Pathway and the New Zealand Green Building Council with the support of the building industry and key Government agencies; the Department of Building and Housing and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

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