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Haronga Road branches sacrificed for improved wastewater services

31 Jan 2012

Haronga Road branches sacrificed for improved wastewater services

It’s the branches or the pipes in Haronga Road.

Wastewater pipes that were installed at the beginning of last century are being upgraded. To do this some trees in this leafy street need a trim.

Our priority is to get the pipes replaced and ensure the long term health of the trees, says Council's wastewater team leader Helen Churton. “The pipeline is in the centre of the street. If we hadn’t pruned the trees there was a risk that branches by the road could be torn off. That’s the nature of the machinery we need to use. This would have a huge impact on the entire tree.”

“We are aware that some residents are not happy with the way the trees have been pruned. The reality is they have been pruned to allow the equipment through rather than for good looks. We could prune the trees on the other side to give them a more even appearance but we have been advised that would not be best for the health of the trees.

Meanwhile the replacement of the pipeline is moving ahead according to schedule. It is the last wastewater pipe replacement project of the season and is likely to be finished by mid March.

Council and the contractor are now deciding which service connection pipes need to be replaced and where they are. “These are the pipes that connect homes to the Council system,” says Mrs Churton. “If there are Council trees affected by the replacement of these pipes, property owners will be consulted. Some trees may need to be removed but we are trying to avoid that.”