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You can help discourage tagging by taking action quickly, remove any tagging on your property as soon as possible.

Call the Police ph: 111 as soon as you see someone in the act of tagging.

Report graffiti

Who to contact to report graffiti on:

♦ Private property - ring the police.
♦ Telephone cabinets - contact Chorus ph: 0800 222 638.
♦ Power poles and transformer boxes – Eastland Network ph:06 869 0700 or email info@eastland.co.nz
♦ Council property such as bus shelters, litter bins, parking meters, street furniture, public toilets, road signs, street lights, traffic barriers, bridges, monuments or statues - please tell us on our eFix form
♦ Your neighbour's property – let them know, they may not realise it’s there.