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Graffiti vandalism or tagging is a problem that affects communities. Tagging left intact attracts more tagging.

Take action against tagging by removing it as soon as it happens.  A strong community response sends the clear message to those involved, that tagging will not be tolerated.

Report it and remove it

You can help discourage tagging by taking action quickly - remove the tagging as soon as possible.

Keep an eye on groups acting suspiciously.  Most tagging offenders are aged 10-21 years old.
Call the Police on 111 as soon as you see someone in the act of tagging.

Get as many facts as you can to assist the police, such as:

  • a physical description of the offender
  • description of the tagging, colour and words - take a photo
  • vehicle number plate and description

Report graffiti

Who to contact to report graffiti on:

♦ Private property - ring the police.
♦ Telephone cabinets - contact Chorus ph: 0800 222 638.
♦ Power poles and transformer boxes – Eastland Network ph:06 869 0700 or email info@eastland.co.nz
♦ Council property such as bus shelters, litter bins, parking meters, street furniture, public toilets, road signs, street lights, traffic barriers, bridges, monuments or statues - please tell us on our eFix form
♦ Your neighbour's property – let them know, they may not realise it’s there.

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