Gladstone Road Roadworks

Gladstone Road CBD upgrade: traffic and parking restrictions

3 May 2019

Gladstone Road CBD upgrade: traffic and parking restrictions

road closed

Tairawhiti Roads advise motorists to expect road closures along Gladstone Road in the central business district (CBD) at times over the 2 week period 16 - 28 May.  Roadworks commence to upgrade the road surface between Customhouse and Derby streets.  

During the works, each block of Gladstone Road will have restricted vehicle access for 2 days, starting at Customhouse Street and ending at the Derby Street roundabout. 

Although access onto Gladstone Road will be blocked, streets intersecting onto Gladstone Road will not be affected by the closures. Pedestrian access will remain open for the duration of the works.  

Tairāwhiti Roads journey manager Helen Harris says motorists should plan their journey ahead of time and continue to support local business as normal.

The $600k upgrade is funded by the National Land Transport Fund. 

“Gladstone Road was last resurfaced 20 years ago, so this upgrade is essential to ensuring the longevity for Gisborne’s main street and shopping centre,” says Ms Harris. 

Retailers were notified last week in person by a representative of Downer and Ms Harris says that overall, the response has been positive. 

She says the project has been scheduled outside of summer to minimise disruption to retailers and customers.  

It’s expected the works will take 14 days to complete, depending on weather.

Indicative dates 

CBD roadworks 

Traffic impacts

We understand the disruption this road upgrade will cause for local businesses, motorists and cyclists. We're reducing the impact by completing each block as quickly as possible across a 2 day period. 

The interruption to Gladstone Road will begin at Customhouse Street and end at Derby Street, as we move sequentially through each block of works. 

Each block will be reinstated and opened to the public following the completion of the road works within the scheduled 2 days.

Motorists - the biggest impact for motorists will be restricted access onto Gladstone Road and traffic delays in the CBD.

Pedestrians - access will remain open. There will be no changes to footpaths throughout this project. However, you won't be able to cross the worksite. You'll be directed around the site.

Cyclists - should adhere to the same restrictions as vehicles for the duration of works.

Emergency services - priority will be given to emergency service vehicles, with work crews doing everything possible to improve access for these services.  

Noise and disruption

Road milling and asphalt laying will take place between 7am–7pm. Digging up the existing road surface will be the noisiest part of the works, but it'll be temporary. Replacing the surface with asphalt will not be as noisy, but vibrating rollers may be felt and heard. You may notice steam rising from the asphalt once laid and an odour for a short period while it cools. 

Other works such as line marking will take place in the early evening, although this work should not generate noise. It's important for contractors to continue line marking in the evening, to ensure each block is reconstructed and reopened to the public as quickly as possible. 


Please be cautious when walking through the work zones, as it'll be busy with work crews and machinery. Follow the instructions of our traffic controllers, and ensure that children are closely supervised.  

It’s important not to attempt to enter Gladstone Road during the reconstruction period, following works completion within each block. Please wait for the road to officially reopen before accessing Gladstone Road.

Accessing shops on Gladstone Road

You'll be able to access shops on Gladstone Rd by foot only for the duration of works in each block. There's no need to cease retail operations, as with careful forward planning, customers and staff can still make use of parking along Lowe, Peel, Bright, Grey and Derby streets and the wider CBD.

Street parking

Cars must be removed from Gladstone Road parking lanes by 6pm the evening prior to works commencing in that block. Any cars that have not been moved will be towed to a nearby spot outside of the works area. Alternative parking is available on all streets, other than the Gladstone Road block that is being upgraded.


Kervin Demanser, Downer Project Manager 027 498 0957 
Helen Harris, Tairawhiti Roads Journey Manager 

Questions & answers

Why is Gladstone Road being upgraded?

This project aims to upgrade Gladstone Rd Central Business District (CBD) in line with the work that has already been conducted from Derby Street to Roebuck Road. It was last upgraded 20 years ago and is essential to maintaining the integrity and longevity of the road for years to come. The upgrade has been scheduled outside of summer and peak retail timings. There will be no cruise ships in town for the duration of works.

Why are you only upgrading the road between Customhouse and Derby street?

This is the final stage of the Gladstone Road upgrade. Works have already been completed beyond the Derby Street to Roebuck Road intersection.

What does the upgrade involve?

The current road will be milled in order to lay new asphalt to a depth of 40mm. Following the upgrade, road marking and pedestrian crossings will be reinstated.

What services on Gladstone Road will be affected?

The fast electric charging station for electric vehicles near Electric Village at the Customhouse Street end of Gladstone Road will not be accessible during Block One. Please plan to charge your vehicle before or after the scheduled works. The charging station will reopen when Customhouse Street to Lowe Street of Gladstone Road is reinstated.

Alternative charging stations are located at The Warehouse at 80 Customhouse Street and Eastland Toyota at 62 Carnarvon Street. Please contact Electric Village on 06 986 4800 for more information.

Note: the alternative charging stations are slow charging and BYO cable

Loading zones will be affected throughout the duration of the project, which may impact on deliveries. We are communicating with all stakeholders involved, including courier drivers and service delivery companies to ease this disruption. Please make use of any rear access to your building in this instance.

What is the overall timeframe for the project?

The overall disruption is scheduled to take two weeks. The upgrade is expected to be completed within this timeframe, although weather events and/or heavy rain may cause delays.