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Further engagement considered for Olympic Pool design

26 Feb 2019

Further engagement considered for Olympic Pool design

Council will consider if further community engagement is required to refine and close the concept design phase of the Olympic Pool redevelopment at its meeting on Thursday 28 February.

Peer reviews were sought to assess the concept design that was agreed through public consultation and adopted in Council’s Long Term Plan in 2018.

A peer review conducted by Sport New Zealand raised concerns about the range of experiences offered by the indoor phase of the currently approved concept, believing it favours the 6% of users who lane swim over the 94% who use the facility for recreation.

Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti have since revised their support for the Long Term Plan adopted concept, in its current form, and agree with the feedback received from Sport New Zealand.

Council will decide if further community engagement is needed to agree on a concept that addresses our community’s needs.

Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti has offered to partner with Council to seek feedback and address the concerns that have been raised.

Liveable Communities Director, Andrew White says a collaborative approach between Council, Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti and Sport New Zealand will provide the best opportunity to attract the external funding needed for the redevelopment.

“We want to create a facility that provides the best possible experiences for the whole community.

“Undertaking further engagement will allow the opportunity for people to consider Sport Gisborne Tairawhiti and Sport New Zealand’s view.

“If the feedback leads to a preferred design option that is significantly different to the Long Term Plan, we would undertake formal public consultation next year.”