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Stormwater run-off

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Stormwater run-off

Gisborne District Council's Tairawhiti Resource Management Plan (TRMP) includes rules for industrial and trade activities to reduce pollution getting into stormwater and into waterways.

Stormwater from industrial or trade sites flows directly into waterways and can contain pollutants such as hydrocarbons; zinc and copper; faecal bacteria; sediment and chemicals.  The stormwater mustn’t affect the colour of the water, make it smell or leave oil or grease in it.

New industrial and trade activities must

Provide a stormwater management plan that identifies how you’ll manage the drainage of rain water and avoid pollution on your site.

Install treatment devices to remove pollutants from stormwater.

Make sure hazardous substances can’t get into the stormwater system.

Existing industrial and trade activities must

Provide a stormwater management plan and put it into action by 1 May 2020.

New developments

Any new development with car parks, yards or other hard surfaces greater than 1000 m2 must treat the stormwater to remove pollutants. The only exceptions are if the development is a farm, horticulture, rural community facility or local road.

Stormwater management is exempt for small scale activities where the impervious surface is less than 1000m2 - provided the activity is not industrial or trade.
An example is a new one-lot residential development.

Stormwater coming from an activity should not

  • change the clarity of the waterway it runs into
  • make the water smell bad
  • leave oil or grease film, scum, foam or floating materials
  • make it unsuitable for consumption by farm animals
  • have a significant effect on aquatic life.

Guideline for stormwater treatment

Stormwater treatment devices which are designed and constructed according to the following guidelines will meet the requirements of the TRMP.

We recommend the best practice guidelines - stormwater management devices: design guidelines manual 2003(external link)


Download the fact sheet -  Stormwater run-off from trade and industrial sites [PDF, 874 KB]