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Fresh Water Advisory Group Meeting Notes - Archived

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Fresh Water Advisory Group Meeting Notes - Archived

Reports, papers and meeting notes of the Fresh Water Advisory Group.

4 June 2014 meeting

Regional Plan: Beds of rivers, lakes and wetlands (88kb)
This report outlines the proposed approached to the management of activities within the beds of rivers, lakes and wetlands

Regional Plan: Scheduled waterbodies (127kb)
This paper outlines how significant freshwater values of particular waterbodies are proposed to be managed within the Regional Fresh Water Plan through the use of Schedules in the Plan

Policy, Methods and rules for discharges (177kb)
This paper outlines the proposed policies, methods and approach to rules for discharges within the Fresh Water Plan

The Waipaoa Catchment Plan - an update (448kb)
This report describes its structure, content and how it relates to the regional provisions of the Fresh Water Plan

Water quantity policies, methods and rules (136kb)
This paper outlines the approach to managing water quantity. Two tables attached in Appendix 1; the proposed policy approaches, methods and rules and the Waipaoa catchment water quality limits. These are working documents and under constant refinement as we liaise with FWAG and other stakeholders

Notes from meetings held

21 November 2014 [PDF, 125 KB] 
Agenda items: Project managers update, Interpreting the NPS, Managed Aquifer Recharge project, Summary of feedback from meetings, Waipaoa catchment plan limits and targets

27 August 2014 (233Kb)
Agenda items: Project managers update, Research reports, Plan overview, Discussion on maintaining or improving water quality as per NPSFM, Section 32 analysis, Gaps in the draft plan, Regional policy statement objectives and policies, Water quality

23 July 2014 (133kb)
Agenda items: Project managers update, Regional objectives and policies, Wetlands in the freshwater plan, Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR), Waipaoa catchment plan

25 June 2014 (136kb)
Agenda items: Eel sentinel/Awapuni stream presentation, Oil and Gas in freshwater plan, Enviroschools presentation, When and how the plan will be formally notified, Waipaoa catchment plan, Riparian management, Scheduled waterbodies, objectives and policies

4 June 2014 (87kb)
Agenda items: Project management update, Water Quality-Discharges, beds of rivers, lakes and wetlands, Water Quantity-Allocation polices, methods and rules, Scheduled water bodies, Waipaoa catchment plan structure

30 April 2014 (90kb)
Agenda items: Project management update, Mauri as a value, Freshwater plan objectives, policies and methods, Towards the Waipaoa catchment plan

19 March 2014 (71kb)
Agenda items: Project managers update, faecal contamination. LAWA website, diary farm management, Waipaoa catchment process, Mfe update, Regional objectives and policies,MPI update

19 February 2014 (75kb)
Agenda items: Project managers update, identify funding gaps, supportive submission from LGNZ and 2 requests for more specific information, fish passage report by NIWA, Aquifer recharge, consultation meetings Nov 2013 - January 2014, Objective and limit setting process, values and outstanding freshwater bodies, values workshop

13 November 2013 (80kb)
Agenda items: Consenting, airport bark disposal, GDC discussion document, over allocation, riparian management, questionnaire on website, NPS reforms, research water monitoring

23 September 2013 (60kb)
Agenda items: Restriction management, education and advocacy, airport and port bark, project managers update

21 August 2013 (76kb)
Agenda items: Project managers update, RMA reforms, HBRC and EBOP shared services, strategic water study, emerging issues, diary, oil exploration, water quality monitoring, contamination of waterways by sewage overflows. Sustainable practice development and the horticulture industry in NZ, discharges policy, stormwater, freshwater values, outstanding freshwater bodies

17 July 2013 (67kb)
Agenda items: Bushmere Augmentation Plant, airport bark, consent duration, project managers update, guiding principles water quality data, discharge policies, water management zones

12 June 2013 (84kb)
Agenda items: Project managers update, groundwater and surface water use and allocation, policies for allocation, managing beds of lakes and rivers, damming and diversion, outstanding freshwater bodies

8 May 2013 (80kb)
Agenda items: Project managers update, freshwater reforms, water plan work programme, freshwater values and national objectives framework, water allocation policies

11 March 2013 (358kb)
Agenda items: Project managers update, freshwater management forum-Perspectives, processing the water plan, Governance/management structure for freshwater management, how council responds to water storage, groundwater managed aquifer re-charge MAR

30 November 2012 (77kb)
Agenda items: Project managers report, third report of the Land and Water forum (LAWF), water plan development options, review of freshwater management governance options, Turanganui a kiwa water quality enhancement project / alternative use and disposal - synergies with the water plan project, update on NZ hydrological society conference, actions

30 September 2012 (61kb)
Agenda  items: Project managers report, vision and outcomes feedback, stocktake - where from, where are we at, where are we going, Progressive Implementation Programme (PIP),  actions

23 April 2012 (105kb)
Agenda items: Project managers report, Tangata whenua values presentation, ecological values and biological monitoring, water allocation, consultation, open forum, actions

14-15 April 2012 (105kb)
Agenda items:Climate change impacts on freshwater, river values assessment system, environment flows workshop feedback, general discussion, groundwater rainfall recharge estimates, Waipaoa groundwater concept model, Eels as an indicator species in the Waipaoa catchment, setting flows for Te Arai with multiple freshwater values, freshwater objectives discussion, consultation on draft vision and outcome statements, actions

1 December 2011 (140kb)
Agenda items: Feedback from field trip, RiVAS, project overview, working groups

30 November 2011 (1.3MB)
Agenda items: Waipaoa field trip Gisborne - Arai Matawai Station, ecological flows, domestic water use, Tangata whenua values and RiVAS, economic values of water, forestry practice

22 June 2011 (65kb)
Agenda items: Project managers update, general discussion points, Interactive mapping exercise, round table, actions

23 March 2011 (59kb)
Agenda items: Terms of reference, project overview, fresh water values, technical working parties, working group membership, objectives, administrative matters. actions

8 December 2010 (71kb)
Agenda items: Background to the water plan, the fresh water advisory group, the FWAG terms of reference, administration, stakeholder perspectives on freshwater issues, summary and where to from here, actions