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Food premises - registration or approval

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Food premises - registration or approval

All premises where food is stored, manufactured, or prepared for sale must be approved or registered with Gisborne District Council under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974 or the Food Act 1981.

Premises that are registered with Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) that have an approved food safety programme or risk management plan do not need approval from us.
For more information about registering a new food premises.
Visit MPI's website - food safety(external link)

Do I need a food handling qualification?

Yes you do.
Our food hygiene bylaw requires that every food premises shall have at least one person employed in a supervisory position who has been issued with an approved certificate in Food Handling, NZQA Unit 167 and 168 or equivalent.
Other food handlers must have a minimum of Unit 167.
The owner or operator of a food premises is required to ensure that new, temporary or replacement staff are trained in the basic principles of food hygiene.
Courses in food hygiene are offered locally by private industry trainers.

Can I use my kitchen at home?

To store, manufacture or prepare for food for sale

Yes - if your home kitchen and the use of your home is suitable for the level of food safety risk. |
And you must operate it using an approved food control plan registered with us.
The activity must also meet District Plan rules or you must have a resource consent to operate.
Trade waste bylaw will also apply.

Can I operate a food business from my home?

Yes - if the activity operates under an approved food control plan or food safety plan or risk management plan.
A separate kitchen may potentially be established on a residential site.
Building and resource consent approval are required before any construction can start.
Trade waste bylaw will also apply.

Can I use the kitchen in a community hall, marae or school?

To store, manufacture, or prepare for food for sale?

If the kitchen is registered or the user operates under a food control plan you can apply for a secondary registration or approval to use the kitchen.
The food safety risk from the dual use of a premises must be managed in an approved way.
A kitchen that is not currently registered cannot be used until registration or approval has been granted.

Can I use a commercial kitchen?

To store, manufacture, or prepare for food that I sell?

Yes - but you must hold your own registration or approval for a food control plan, food safety plan or risk management plan.
You cannot make food that you then sell, unless you hold a registration or approval.

Can I prepare or sell food for fundraising or charity?

Yes, providing that the funds are for a charitable organisation who is selling food on a not-for-profit basis. We support selling food for fundraising, but you need a letter of confirmation from the organisation receiving the proceeds, and you need to get permit from us.
If you're fundraising or selling food for personal gain, you must hold your own registration or approval.

See information – selling food, stall holder licence

For more information

Visit MPI's website - Food Safety frequently asked questions(external link)

If you have any further questions, please talk to our health team - contact us

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