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Flooding questionnaire

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Flooding questionnaire

We want to know about any stormwater and wastewater flooding on your property, especially when we have heavy rain. 

The information you give us will help us to find solutions to help prevent flooding on private property and reduce overflows into city rivers.

We continue to fix and replace our public stormwater and wastewater network of pipes that carry the water away from your property.  The council (public) pipes only make-up about 50% of the entire network. The other 50% are private drains and pipes owned by property owners. We need to find out the issues that are happening on private property - especially when it rains.

How you can help

The information will be valuable to help find solutions.

Contact us any time you have an issue with flooding on your property. This will help us to know where and what the issues are.

Take photos. When there's flooding on your property - send us photos.  It's helpful for us to see the flooding and the depth it gets to.  

Tell us what happens on your property

Fill in this questionnaire - we ask about stormwater (rainwater) flooding and sewage overflows.

Do you own the property?
How long have you lived at this address?

Stormwater flooding

Stormwater is rainwater that runs off hard surfaces like your roof, driveway, paved areas, the road or lawn.

Q1. Does rainwater cause flooding or ponding on your property or road frontage?
If no - please go to Q.11
Q2. How often does this happen?
Q3. How long does the flooding affect your property after the rain slows or stops?
Q4. What causes the flooding or ponding?
Q5. How deep does the water get?
Q6. Do you know where the flooding comes from? (tick all that apply)
Q7. What is affected by the flooding? (tick all that apply)
Q8. How would you rate your flooding problem?
Q9. Have you done any work to fix flooding on your property at any time?
Q10. Have you contacted Council in the past about your stormwater problem?

Wastewater (commonly known as sewage)

Wastewater is the used water and waste from your kitchen, laundry, bathroom and toilet.

Q11. Do you have problems with your wastewater?
If no - please go to Q.16
Q12. What happens when you have problems with your wastewater?
Q13. How often does this happen?
Q14. Rate your wastewater problem
Q15. Have you contacted Council in the past about your wastewater problem?

Thank you for telling us about the flooding issues on your property