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Admin Centre Rebuild - Awarua

Fitzherbert Street

Gisborne District Council's administration centre in Fitzherbert Street comprised 3 main buildings built in 1954, 1980 and 2001.

The Christchurch earthquake in 2011 led Council to assess its buildings built before 1976 (when building code changes were introduced). Engineers found that our 1954 building was earthquake prone and in October 2011 Council’s building consents team issued a notice to vacate or repair the building by October 2016. The decision was made to rebuild.

Quick facts about Awarua

♦ Awarua opened to the public on Monday 15 January 2018. 
♦ No money from rates was paid to fund the build of Awarua.  
♦ GHL built and own Awarua. Council pays rent to GHL. 
♦ Council transferred this and other assets to GHL as they have the expertise managing commercial operations. 
♦ GHL leverage off these assets to get loans to fund development. This is how Awarua was funded. 
♦ Two sections of the old Fitzherbert complex were deemed unsafe after external reviews. We were ordered to vacate, repair or rebuild. 
♦ The decision was made to rebuild as the 1954 and 2001 sections were deemed uneconomical to strengthen.
♦ The Awarua build met budget and timeframes. 
♦ Before moving to Awarua, staff were spread across 5 separate locations.
♦There are many efficiencies gained by being in the same place from an operational and financial perspective. 

For information about the design

Budget: $12.5 million. $1.5m for temporary accommodation of staff, $11m for new build. 

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