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Election signs policy

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Election signs policy

General election signs are allowed to be put up 2 months before election day.  Signs must be removed by midnight, the day before the election. 

Gisborne District Council's policy on election hoardings:

Local authorities are responsible for regulating when, where and how signs can be displayed. The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Set out clearly the relevant Local Electoral Act (LEA) principles.
  • Set out clearly defined parameters for election hoardings.
  • Includes relevant sections of the District Plan.


There are 2 categories of land where election signs can be erected. The 2 categories of land and criteria are listed below:

On private property


Local Electoral Act 2001 – Section 113(2)(b)

All signs are to display the name and contact address of the person authorising them.

General Rules of the District Plan (signage)

General Rules

The following are District Plan general rules applying to signage.
See TRMP C11.1 for full details on sign rules and requirements.
a) Signs shall not be located on or protrude above any ridgeline.
b) Signs shall not restrict visibility to or from intersections and property access.
c) Signs shall be maintained to a professional standard so that they do not adversely affect the visual amenity of the area.
d) The design does not conflict or cause confusion with traffic signs or signals
e) Portable signs (excluding traffic signs) shall be a maximum of 700mm wide and 1 metre in height.
f) The message shall be clear concise and easy to read.
g) The minimum lettering height shall be 120mm where the posted speed limit is less than 70 km/hr and 160mm where the posted speed limit is 70 km/hr or greater.
h) The sign shall not reflect light onto road users.
i) Signs shall not be placed on the median strip or carriageway of any road.
j) Activities (including signs) shall not include revolving, flashing, animated or moving lights, lasers or images which could produce glare, except on any site in the Inner Commercial zone which is more than 100m from a state highway boundary.

Section of the District Plan

The following activities shall be permitted activities provided they comply with the General Rules, where applicable:

Provided that:

a) One sign per political party or independent candidate may be erected at any approved site.
b) Signs may be located on private property, with the owners consent.
c) Signs may be displayed a maximum of 6 weeks prior to the date of the election, in the cause of a General Election this is 2 months as the Electoral Act overrides Council's policy.
d) Maximum sign face area: 3m2 per face.
e) Signs are to be constructed and installed in a manner which minimises any danger or damage to persons or property.

Note: It is advised that prior to the display of signage on or adjacent to a state highway the written consent of New Zealand Transport Agency NZTA, must first be obtained.

In order to avoid damage to third party services (such as power and telephone cables), and to prevent injury to those erecting the signs, Gisborne District Council will mark, on the ground, the location of any services within the permitted areas. Please avoid driving stakes etc into the ground where there are markings. Failure to do so may incur costs to rectify any damage caused.

Approved sites for election signs 

One sign per political party or independent candidate may be erected on the following sites:

Note: the airport terminal location is no longer available due to change in ownership.

See Appendix H27 of the TRMP

All signs must be removed by 12 midnight the day before election day.

This policy applies to all candidates.