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Earthworks started for Tamarau wetland

8 May 2018

Earthworks started for Tamarau wetland

Tamarau Wetland

Earthworks to construct the Tamarau wetland at Heath Johnston Park has started, aimed at improving water quality in the Wainui Stream.

The project will see planting of both wetland and native plants on the stream banks at the park.

The goal is to reinstate a wetland with riparian vegetation to help improve water quality and fish habitat, while making the surrounding area more inviting for recreational park users.

Once complete, the wetland around two confluences of the stream will slow the flow in wet weather events and act as a filter to capture and reduce contaminants that would have otherwise been flushed downstream.

Stormwater wetlands are great at reducing pollution – they're the natural cleansers of the environment, taking out pollutants in the water through physical, chemical and biological processes.

Improving the stream habitat and water quality will help increase the oxygen levels of the stream.

“Planting the stream banks with specific native wetland plants will encourage shade and overhanging vegetation for fish habitat and enhance terrestrial habitat,” says water quality science officer Harriet Roil.

The project has been made possible with community input and support from Earthworks Solutions, Eastland Port, Native Garden Nursery, The Woman’s Native Tree Trust and Gisborne Intermediate School.

If you would like to donate or help with planting, email Harriet.roil@gdc.govt.nz

Tamarau impression NR

Pictured is an impression of how the wetland will look once complete.