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Working together to help fix drain problems

Reduce wastewater being discharged into our rivers and onto people's properties during rain events.

When water isn't draining right, it's not healthy for your family, your home or our rivers and beaches.

The DrainWise project is about working together with property owners to help fix problems with wastewater and stormwater drains.

Long Term Plan 2018/28 budget: $20.8 million over 10 years

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Why discharges happen

Understand what causes wastewater to overflow onto private property and into our rivers in heavy rain


Education resources

DrainWise checklist, fact sheets, videos and flyers.

Drainwise inspectors

Help us - help you

Get to know your gully trap, check your downpipes and how to stop surface flooding

Flooding problems?

Tell us about any stormwater or wastewater flooding on your property

What we're doing

Our current work to help reduce flooding and overflow problems.

DrainWise Art Competition

See the winner of the drain art competition

Resource consent for wastewater overflows

Consultation held as part of a resource consent application

Stormwater upgrade

Stormwater upgrade to add more capacity to the Kaiti network system

What we've done

Check out what we've done and the story of how we became DrainWise

Property Inspection FAQs

Some questions and answers about our property inspections for DrainWise.

Glossary of terms

A glossary of terms for stormwater and wastewater.

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