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Property Inspection FAQs

Some questions and answers about our property inspections for DrainWise. 

Why do we inspect properties?

We're looking for ways that rainwater gets into the wastewater system.

If water sits on your property during a rain event, it can make it’s way into the wastewater system. This includes roof water if the downpipes are directed into the gully trap. 

What are we checking on a property?

We're checking your wastewater system.
We check the condition of the spouting, where the downpipes are connected, if there are any leaks in the pipes or any illegal connections and where water will pool when it rains. 

When are you doing inspections in my area?

Right now we're in the Kaiti area, then we'll move to Whataupoko,Mangapapa, then Elgin and the CBD. This will take about 3 years.
We also carry out inspections across the city, when we're notified of properties with issues like downpipes in gully traps. 

I lock my gates, how will you get access?

We'll send you a letter before we do the inspection. Please call us so we can get access to your property when it suits you.

What happens to my dog during your inspection?

Please give us a call when you get your pre-inspection letter from us. We can then talk about the best time to access to your property.  

What happens if you find issues on my property?

We will send you a letter telling you what we found, and what we need you to do.  

I've received a notice of issues on my property, what do I need to do?

The letter will give you the information you need, but if you would like further clarification, contact us to discuss.  

Why does my gully trap need sealing?

Gully traps can be surprisingly leaky, even if they look water tight. If there's any water around your gully trap when it rains, we find about 75% of gully traps will let the water in, unless they've been properly (and recently) sealed.  

Will Council seal my gully trap?

We'll seal gully traps so they don’t let rainwater into the wastewater system. This means you don’t have to find a plumber or drainlayer to do it for you. We do this at no cost to you.  

I can’t afford to do the required work, what should I do?

Please contact us, we can talk about it with you.  

Why do I need to direct my stormwater to an approved outlet? 

By getting stormwater off your property, into the Council system, less rainwater is able to get into our wastewater system. By getting the stormwater directed to an approved outlet, we know that our stormwater system can cope with it.  

How do puddles on my section get into the wastewater system?

Rainwater can get into the wastewater pipes on your property a number of ways: through a leaky gully trap, over-topping a low gully trap, or into joints or holes in your pipes when it soaks through the ground.