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On your property

We need your help

Check your property for illegal stormwater connections to the sewer.  Property owners need to make sure stormwater does not enter the sewer system from their property.

What you can do to help:

  • replace old leaking sewer pipes from your house to your property boundary
  • redirect your stormwater away from the gully trap
  • replace any broken or leaking gully traps

Contact your plumber or drainlayer for advice.

Tell us about any drain problems

If you have a problem with flooding or ponding on your property during heavy rain - please tell us.

Fill in our flooding questionnaire 

Fixing problems on your property

You can always talk to our DrainWise team for advice.

Where does your spouting go?

Your spouting should not be draining into the gully trap or wastewater pipes.

Fix it - by running your spouting to a sump or pipe out to a Council drain. You can also have a system to collect it in a rainwater tank for the garden.

Gully trap is too low or unsealed

If the gully trap is too low, cracked or broken it can let surface water flow in.

Fix it - seal the cracks or talk to a plumber or drainlayer 

Leaking pipes

Wastewater pipes under your property are generally shallower than Council's main pipes under the road. If your pipes are broken or roots are growing into them water can seep through the road and into the system.

Fix it - you may need to dig up the pipe to fix it or replace it so we recommend getting a plumber or drainlayer to assess the best option for you. 

Surface ponding or flooding 

If your property ponds or floods when it rains, it can flow into the gully trap or soak through the ground into cracked pipes. Wet and damp areas around your house just aren't healthy for your home either.

Fix it - put in a sump and ground drainage system so water can drain away to the council stormwater network. 

DrainWise team inspecting drains on your property

Here's information that can help with your property inspection

Pamphlet - DrainWise Inspecting Drains [PDF, 749 KB]

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