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Help us, help you

We'll maintain and fix our part of the wastewater network, and property owners need to do the same. Everyone needs to stop stormwater getting into the wastewater network.

This is really important before a heavy rain warning is issued by MetService. You can do these things:

Check your downpipes

Downpipes carry rainwater from the roof of your house into the stormwater network. They should never enter the drain that’s used for wastewater. It’s illegal to have your downpipe going into the wastewater network through your gully trap or directly into the wastewater pipe.


Check your gully trap

A gully trap is a basin in the ground that receives wastewater from your house before it enters the wastewater network. All houses have at least one gully trap against an outside wall, usually next to the kitchen, bathroom or laundry. The gully trap should be sealed and raised off the ground. Next to garden areas they're required to be at least 100mm above ground level. This will prevent surface water from entering our wastewater network, and reduce the chance of discharges.


Stop surface flooding or ponding

If your property ponds or floods when it rains, it can flow into the gully trap or soak through the ground into cracked pipes. Wet and damp areas around your house just aren't healthy for your home either.


Broken pipes

Wastewater pipes underground on your property are generally shallower than Council's main pipes under the road. If your pipes are broken or roots are growing into them, water can seep through the ground and into the wastewater system.

You may need to dig up the pipe to fix it or replace it, we recommend getting a plumber or drainlayer to assess the best option for you.


Forward planning

We recommend you budget for replacing or fixing your pipes on your property. This can cost a lot of money.  All homes at some stage need the underground pipes replaced or fixed – homeowners are responsible for all the pipes on their property.  We'll be asking homeowners to do this.   

Let us know!

If you have a problem with flooding or ponding on your property during heavy rain, please tell us.
Fill in the Flooding Questionnaire 
The information will be valuable to help find solutions.