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DrainWise Art Competition

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DrainWise Art Competition

We invited local artists to create and submit an original design for a stormwater drain grate, that'll help raise awareness of stormwater pollution.

Hannah McKinlay is the winner of our Drain Art open competition.
Our 3 judges, Derek Lardelli, Mayor Rehette Stoltz and 4 Waters Strategy Advisor Wolfgang Kanz, chose Hannah’s design from 21 entries.
Derek Lardelli said “Bold! clear message, stormwater is for stormwater! Does not need wording imagery to carry the message, outstanding! Solid colour should be easy to replicate. Clear focus around the drain. Excellent work”,
Mayor Rehette Stoltz said “clever design” and Wolf said “I like that this design highlights the fact that this is an issue that we all need to take responsibility for, and work together as a community to solve”.
Kau mau te wehi – this has been such an awesome experience and Tairawhiti is truly full of incredible artists. Thanks to everyone who submitted their artwork.
Hannah will receive a $250 voucher and her artwork will be painted on the stormwater drain on the corner of Gladstone Rd and Lowe Street this week, weather permitting.

Hannah’s artwork is titled ‘Hand of New Zealand’ and she describes it as “The multi-colour hand in my design represents the multiculturalism of New Zealand and our unity or shared responsibility for our lands and water ways.
The hand is blocking a variety of pollutants from entering the drain. Around the drain is representatives of New Zealand rivers and seas happy and protected by the hand of New Zealand.
I wanted the message to be strong but also have a positive element. I also wanted the image to be easy for all age groups to understand”.

Drain Art Winner

About stormwater pollution to help with your design

Stormwater is rainfall that travels down gutters, grates, pipes and drains. Anything that you throw, tip or spill down a stormwater drain ends up in our waterways.

This moving water's like a magnet that attracts everything in its path, including litter, rubbish, chemicals or waste. This polluted water travels untreated through our stormwater network before it drains straight into our rivers and sea. This is stormwater pollution.  

Some think the stormwater network is part of the wastewater network that goes to the treatment plant in Banks street. This is not correct - the wastewater network and the stormwater network are 2 separate systems.

So let's be careful what we throw away as it can end up down the drain!

Judging the competition

The judging panel will include representatives from Gisborne District Council, environmental protection partners and local artist Dr Derek Lardelli. The winners will be judged on 2 elements:

Education - raises awareness of water quality issues from stormwater pollution.
Creativity - uses innovation to produce original, imaginative and eye-catching artwork. 

Thanks to Resene

ReseneThis competition is proudly supported by Dave and his team at our locally owned Resene Colourshop. They've kindly sponsored the eco-friendly paint that we'll be using to paint the winning design on our roadside stormwater grate.