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Dog fees and charges

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Dog fees and charges

Gisborne District Council's fees and charges for dog registration and other fees.

Registration fees  |  Infringement fine  |  Pound fees  |  Microchip fee

Cost to register your dog

Annual registration must be paid in full by 31 July.
A 25% late penalty applies to payments and dogs registered after 31 July.
If you register a dog for the first time during the year, we'll calculate the fee on the annual cost.

Selected owners who do not pay by 31 July revert to standard owner rate plus penalty for late payment

Class Fee Description
Ordinary dog $108.75 family pet dog, including those in rural areas not required for rural livelihood
Working dog $58.75 rural livelihood, income from dogs - breed Huntaway or Heading
Selected Owner SOP $77.50 must meet the criteria
Superannuitants $71.25 over 65yrs
Selected Owner - Superannuitants $62.50  over 65yrs and SOP
Licensed Owner $63.75 NZ Licence, must have been SOP owner for 1 year
EC Pig Hunters $91.25 East Coast Pig Hunting Club member - proof of membership
Probationary Owner $161.25 court fined - rural and urban
Guide and Hearing 0 guide and police dogs
Dangerous dog* $163.13 dog with a history and is classified dangerous * rural and urban

 * A dog may be declared menacing or dangerous if Council believes it's a threat to any person, animal or protected wildlife.

Council must classify a dog as menacing if there are reasonable grounds to believe it belongs predominantly to one of the 5 restricted breeds:
American Pit Bull Terrier(external link)  |  Dogo Argentino(external link)  |  Brazilian Fila(external link)  |  Perro de Presa Canairo(external link)  |  Japanese Tosa(external link)

It's illegal to import any of these restricted breeds or types.

Menacing dogs must be muzzled when in public and councils may require them to be neutered. 
dogs must be muzzled in public, neutered and kept securely fenced on the owner's property without blocking access to any dwelling. 

Pound fees

If your dog's impounded you need to pay the fee before we can release your dog.

Weekdays between 8am - 4.30pm  Charge 
First impounding $59
Second impounding $70
Subsequent $82
Sustenance per day $19
After hours and weekends  
First impounding $65
Second impounding $75
Subsequent $86
Sustenance per day $19
Advertising At cost

Animal Control Fees and Charges [PDF, 113 KB]

Infringement fine

If you receive a fine and wish to provide an explanation of the offence, you can fill in this form

Statement of Explanation [PDF, 108 KB]
This is a writable PDF, please save it to your computer first before you fill it in and email it to us.  

Microchipping your dog

Our animal control staff can microchip your dog - contact us to make an appointment