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District plan chapters

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District plan chapters

Please Note:

The District Plan has been replaced by the Tairāwhiti Resource Management Plan.
The historic combined regional land and district plan is provided for information only.

Under Section 86A of the RMA, Council can still give weight to the objectives and polices that are proposed for deletion, until the Proposed Gisborne Regional Freshwater Plan becomes operative. Proposed deletions are shown as a strike through. This does not apply to the rules.

Chapters of the Gisborne District Plan.  The contents page for each chapter is bookmarked and hyperlinked.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction (37kb)
Purpose, preparation of the plan, combined plan process, structure of the plan and guide to using the plan

Chapter 1A - Tangata Whenua (50kb)
Principles of the Treaty, recognition of kaitiakitanga, consultation, iwi resource management strategies or plans

Chapter 2 - Monitoring (proposed) (33kb)   
Requirements for monitoring, types, process, role of the community, procedures to review plan

Chapter 3 - Cultural Heritage (264kb)   
Overlays 1-4, archaeological sites and areas, waahi tapu areas, category A,B,C post European contact and CBD schedules

Chapter 4 - Natural Heritage [PDF, 516 KB] (proposed) also see incorporated document    
Overlays include: outstanding landscape; coastal environment; riparian management; wetland; indigenous vegetation, urban ridgeline

Chapter 5 - Natural Hazards [PDF, 475 KB] also see incorporate document    
Hazards include: flood; seismic; land instability; coastal; flood hazard overlays F2-F9; Waimata riverbank, coastal hazard overlay 1-4     

Chapter 6 - Soil Conservation [PDF, 353 KB]   
Soil conservation, regional rules for Land Overlay 1, 2, 3, 3A,

Chapter 7 - Beds of Lakes and Rivers [PDF, 272 KB]    
Regional rules, permitted activities

Chapter 8 - Infrastructure [PDF, 894 KB]  also see incorporated document    
Infrastructure, works and services, airport protection overlay, network utility activities, 

Chapter 9 - Contaminated Sites (92kb) also see incorporated document    
Rules, national environmental standard for assessing and managing contaminants in soil to protect human health 2011

Chapter 9A - Hazardous Substances [PDF, 164 KB]  also see incorporated document   
Site design, spill containment, stormwater, washing areas, waste management, signage, contingency plan

Chapter 10 - Signs (175kb)   
Display of signs in all zones

Chapter 11 - Noise and Vibration (part operative) (174kb)    
Transport noise, rules for noise and vibration, construction activities, airport noise

Chapter 12 - Subdivision [PDF, 351 KB] (part operative) also see incorporated document   
Rules for subdivision

Chapter 13 - Esplanade Reserve / Strips - Conservation Protection (135kb)   
Subdivisions in and outside Gisborne urban area and the district's rural townships, esplanade reserves on stopped roads

Chapter 14 - Financial Contributions(66kb)   
This chapter has been deleted 26 March 2012

Chapter 15 - Roads, Accessways and Parking(50kb)   
This chapter has been deleted 20 October 2010 - refer to Chapter 8

Chapter 16 - Papakainga and Marae Settlements [PDF, 334 KB]    
Rules for papakainga and marae settlements

Chapter 17 - Residential Zones [PDF, 467 KB]   
Construction, addition or alteration of residential buildings, home occupations, re-erection of secondhand dwellings etc

Chapter 18 - Commercial Zones [PDF, 373 KB] also see Public Places Bylaw   
Inner commercial, fringe commercial, outer commercial, suburban commercial, rural commercial, amenity commercial

Chapter 19 - Industrial Zones [PDF, 327 KB]   
General industrial, rural industrial, petrochemical exploration and production and mining,

Chapter 20 - Port Management Zones [PDF, 429 KB](proposed)    
Construction, maintenance, repair and use of port operational facilities, wharves, navigational aids, cargo loading and unloading etc

Chapter 21 - Rural Zones [PDF, 514 KB] also see incorporated document   
Rural productive zone (Rural P), rural residential (Rural R), rural lifestyle (Rural L), rural general (Rural G)

Chapter 22 - Reserve Zones [PDF, 404 KB]   
Recreational reserve zone, neighbourhood reserve zone

Chapter 23 - Information Requirements for Making a Resource Consent Application (49kb)    
General information required for all consents, regional, natural resource, land use, subdivision

Chapter 24 - Glossary [PDF, 495 KB]  (247kb)    
Glossary of terms - meaning of words used in the plan.

Chapter 25 - Acronyms and Abbreviations (12kb)   
Full text of acronyms

Chapter 26 - Bibliography (40kb)