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Discount for de-sexed dog registrations

23 May 2019

Discount for de-sexed dog registrations

Owners of de-sexed dogs will automatically receive a 10-percent discount on their annual dog registration fees if the dog is flagged as de-sexed in our system by 31 May.

If the dog is not already listed as de-sexed in our system, owners will need to bring in a copy of the dog’s de-sexing verification from the vet or submit a photo of it via our eFix form by the end of the month.

Any documentation received after this date will have the discount applied to the following registration period.

Dog owners’ who have had their pet de-sexed through the Fred Lewis programme should contact our Animal Control team to ensure we have this information recorded.

Online dog applications will still need the verification sent through to Council in order to have the discount applied.

The discount applies within the registration period up until 2 August and is not applicable to the penalty rate.

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Submit your dog's de-sexing verification online on efix