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Delegations manuals

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Delegations manuals

The delegations manuals have been adopted by the Gisborne District Council to ensure that authority and responsibility exists for the efficient and effective conduct of council business. There are 3 types of delegation:

Statutory delegations

  • This is where a power, identified in statute, has been delegated by that statute to local councils. In many cases it is appropriate for the Council to itself delegate that power to specific officers.

Delegations of contractual authority

  • These are the delegations whereby individual officers are given authority to enter into contracts on behalf of Council, subject to specific constraints.

Administrative delegations

  • These are the powers which are exercised on a routine basis within the corporate body, for example approving of staff leave.

Council's delegations manuals

Governance Structure - Delegations to Committees [PDF, 520 KB] 
Covering all committee delegations

Delegations to Chief Executive and Officers 2015 [PDF, 365 KB]
This includes Part A - delegations from Council.  
Part B - delegations to staff are below

Delegation to Council Officers 2013 [PDF, 973 KB]
Current delegations for Environment and Policy

Delegations to Council Officers 2011 [PDF, 398 KB]

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