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Decision on Endeavour models

13 Nov 2020

Decision on Endeavour models

Following extensive community and iwi consultation, Council’s Operations Committee today agreed to gift one Endeavour model to Te Aitanga a Hauiti and Tolaga Bay and to support the community with the installation.

The committee also directed Council’s chief executive to seek permanent installation of the second model at Tairāwhiti Museum. If the Museum can not exhibit it, Council will gift the model back to the community group that raised funds for its fabrication.

Mayor Rehette Stoltz acknowledged the community for the feedback and support they had given Council to make a decision.

“As anticipated, feedback was wide and varied. Council had to balance strong feedback to re-install the replicas with feedback reflecting historical hurt and lack of consultation,” she said.

A staff report presented a series of options for the committee to consider for the two Endeavour models, taking into account consensus, iwi interests, alignment with existing policy and strategy, relevance of location, equity, efficiency and risk management.

During the consultation period throughout July and August, Council received 526 online submissions and 673 hardcopy and email submissions.

Three hui a iwi were held with Tūranga tangata whenua, and their comments, along with all submissions and online interactions, were collated and presented to Council for initial consideration last month.