Cycling in Gisborne

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Cycling in Gisborne

Cycling is becoming more and more popular.  Here's some information on how to keep safe on the road.

Tips for safer cycling

  • Make sure you can be seen - wear bright coloured clothing, lights and reflectors are essential.
  • Keep your bike well maintained - check brakes, tyres, lights and reflectors.
  • Look out for potholes and glass on the road, avoid sudden swerving.
  • Always wear a cycle helmet - make sure it fits properly and do it up.
  • Ride at least 1 metre out from parked cars and watch out for drivers opening doors.
  • Know the road rules and follow them.
  • Use a cycle lane if there is one.  Otherwise keep as far to the left as you safely can.
  • Be predictable - use clear hand signals when turning.
  • Don't use your phone while cycling - you need to pay attention to other road users.
  • Watch out for vehicles at intersections, don't assume that drivers have seen you.

Share the road Safety tips on roundabouts

Cycling in Gisborne city should be a safe and enjoyable experience, and learning how to negotiate a roundabout is essential.  Cyclists and drivers need to be aware of what to expect when sharing a roundabout.  Drivers need to recognise that cyclists have equal rights to use the road, and cyclists need to abide by the road rules, and show their intentions clearly.

The most important key to negotiating a roundabout on a bike, is to behave like a motorist. 

You need to get in the centre of the lane when approaching a roundabout.  If the roundabout has 2 lanes, use the lane that leads to where you want to go.

  • a left turn at the first exit - stay in the middle of the left lane, move to the left of the lane only as you exit the roundabout
  • going straight through - stay in the middle of the lane, hand signal left when you exit the roundabout
  • turning right - hand signal right as you approach the roundabout, stay in the middle of the lane until you approach the exit, hand signal left, then move smoothly left when you exit the roundabout.

Cycling trails around Gisborne

City mountain bike trail information - Whataupoko park trail

Get on your bike - cycle Gisborne - offers cycle routes in and around the district (2 pages 1mb)
Cycle Gisborne city - city cycle routes (220kb)
Cycle Gisborne district - country cycle routes (139kb)

External websites

NZ Transport Agency website:
The official New Zealand code for cyclists(external link) is a user-friendly guide to traffic law and safe driving practices.