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Creating the Tairāwhiti Plan

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Creating the Tairāwhiti Plan

The Tairāwhiti Resource Management Plan was created by merging Council's 7 former resource management plans into a new structure. The new plan is live from 30 June 2017.

The merged plan is now being rationalised under Plan Change 1/ Variation 1 to remove unnecessary content that does not assist with interpretation and implementation of the plan. Further information about how the plan was created can be downloaded in the following document.

Tairāwhiti Plan Background Report and Section 32 Evaluation [PDF, 1019 KB]

You can also trace the location of provisions from the former plans to the new plan using the following document.

Provision location tracking spreadsheet - former plan v new plan [XLSX, 36 KB] 

Refer to plan change 1 and variation 1 for further information