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Councillor korero from Amber Dunn

2 Oct 2018

Councillor korero from Amber Dunn


Congratulations Team Yellow! 

Watching TV is my least favourite pastime; in fact, I do everything to avoid it. Then  'The Block' began, featuring our very own Gisborne couple Amy Moore and Stu Watts.  Our household has been addicted to the show ever since. 

Team Yellow, Amy and Stu, have been in a league of their own - outstanding performers and such great ambassadors for our city and region.  Team Gizzy deserves a massive thank you from our region.  Here is why:

Firstly, they have shown NZ the calibre of talent that lives in our city.  Amy, who entered the show known as a beautician, has demonstrated ‘native genius’ in interior design (and design in general).  Author Liz Wiseman said, "native genius is something that people do, not only exceptionally well, but absolutely naturally.  They do it easily (without extra effort) and freely (without condition) . . . they get results that are head-and-shoulders above others.”

If I was asked to sum up Amy Moore in one word, having watched the Block, it would be 'inspirational'.  Our 11-year-old daughter now wants to grow up and 'be like Amy' - an interior designer.  And as for Stu, the plumber and painter, he has demonstrated the work ethic we all wish for in our children

Secondly, Team Yellow have cleverly and proudly taken every opportunity possible to show Block viewers where they are from - Gizzy.  We've seen SH35, Gisborne Boardriders Club, Gizzy Hard, and Team Gizzy (to name a few).  They truly love their home.

Lastly, Team Yellow's decision to showcase other talent that lives in Gizzy is admirable.  I've spotted the following in their house: artwork from our local artists Runa & Holly and Jess Jacobs, as well as the upcycled (from old beehive wood) retro dining table made Mike Burt of BeeBox Honey.  I'm sure there are other examples.

Team Yellow, Team Gizzy, Amy Moore and Stu Watts – congratulations on winning The Block NZ. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being outstanding ambassadors for the place we all love to call home, Gizzy.