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Council urges “Hoons please stay off our dunes!”

12 Nov 2020

Council urges “Hoons please stay off our dunes!”

Makorori NR

As summer approaches, Council wants all recreational vehicles to stay off our beaches, and warned that speeding and reckless behaviour would be reported to the police. 

“We have some of the best beaches in the world, and the most beautiful environments. Trailbikes and vehicles on dunes cause long lasting damage to fragile ecosystems,” said Chief Executive Nedine Thatcher Swann.

“Dunes are habitat for birds and other animals, some of which are endangered, and even walkers can disturb them.

“Beaches  are well used and attended by day users, families and boaties, as well as people collecting kai moana and seaweed. But I call on our community and visitors to look after our beaches and keep your vehicles off them and our dunes.”

Ms Thatcher Swann said speeding vehicles were also a serious danger on beaches.

“This is honestly a no-brainer,” she said.

“Beaches such as Makorori are an accident waiting to happen, and our regular users and families are in danger from those who speed there.

“Speeding vehicles detract from other people’s quiet enjoyment of the beach, and there are plenty of options for recreational drivers to enjoy their vehicles away from our beaches.”