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Coastal permits

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Coastal permits

Activities along our coastline are closely monitored as we wish to preserve the natural character of the coast for the enjoyment of future generations.

This led to the development of the proposed Regional Coastal Environment Plan (RCEP) to allow maximum use of the coastal environment by people in the district in a way which will ensure ongoing enjoyment of its natural qualities.

A resource consent - coastal permit, is needed for any of the following activities in the coastal environment:

  • structures - building a jetty or marina etc
  • discharges into coastal water
  • disturbance of the seabed and foreshore
  • occupation of space
  • taking or diverting coastal water; includes sand removal from beaches and aquaculture consents.

There are a range of permitted activities concerning our coastline that do not require resource consents.  Details of permitted activities are outlined in chapter 4 of the Regional Coastal Environment Plan.

If the activity you propose to carry out has not been defined as a permitted activity in the RCEP you will require resource consent.
Please contact us for any assistance.

If resource consent is required for any coastal activity that you intend to carry out, see resource consent application forms