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Coastal hazard reports

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Coastal hazard reports

Council commissioned reports on coastal hazard areas in the Gisborne district. These reports are included in the Coastal Environment Plan and the Combined Regional Land and District Plan. The 7 identified coastal hazard areas are:

  • Wainui Beach - Tuahine Point to Makorori Point
  • Tokomaru Bay - between the southern end of Waiotu Road and the Koutunui Point north
  • Poverty Bay south - Waipaoa River to south end of Orongo Beach including Young Nicks Head
  • Poverty Bay north - Waipaoa River to Grey Street, Kaiti Beach - Wainui Beach, Hamanatua Stream - Makorori Point
  • Tolaga Bay and Anaura Bay - including Marau Point and Motuoroi Island
  • Makorori and Pouawa - 11km north of Gisborne between Makorori Point and the Pouawa River mouth
  • Gisborne district - Tauporo Beach south of Young Nicks Head, Potikirua point west of Lottin Point


GNS Science conducted a pilot study to map the probability of tsunami in Poverty Bay and Wainui. The maps show the depth of inundation above the ground level for a range of probabilities, average return intervals.
Probabilistic mapping of Tsunami Hazard and Risk for the Gisborne City and Wainui Beach [PDF, 4.4 MB], GNS Report 2015

Areas susceptible to coastal erosion hazard

In 2015 we commissioned Tonkin & Taylor Ltd to identify a specific Area Susceptible to Coastal Erosion for all beaches and cliffed coastline in the Gisborne district not already covered by the more detailed coastal erosion hazard assessments.

Report - Areas Susceptible to Coastal Erosion [PDF, 11 MB]
This report was updated on 30 September 2016. 

Coastal storm inundation (coastal flooding)

NIWA were commissioned to provide estimates of coastal storm inundation elevations along the open coast of the Gisborne region.

This study estimates the frequency and magnitude of high sea level (storm-tide) large waves and the total combined sea-level, at 33 locations along the Gisborne district coastline.

Note this report is subject to copyright
Extreme sea-level elevations from storm-tides and waves along the Gisborne district coastline - June 2014 (2.8mb)

NIWA modelled and mapped areas that are potentially affected by coastal storm inundation, for the parts of the coastline where elevation data of sufficient resolution is available to undertake the mapping: Poverty Bay, Wainui, Tolaga Bay, Anaura Bay, Tokomaru Bay, Hicks Bay and Te Araroa. Coastal-storm inundation was calculated from a combination of storm tide plus wave setup.

Report - Areas in the Gisborne region potentially affected by coastal storm inundation [PDF, 3.5 MB]

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