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Civil defence planning at school

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Civil defence planning at school

Your emergency plan must consider (call civil defence at council for suggestions on plan format):

  • During the initial stages of an emergency, schools may need to take some initial actions to look after themselves.
  • Emergency services may not be able to respond for some hours during the initial stages.
  • Parents will need reassurance that you have plans to keep the children safe.
  • Water, electricity, communications and transport may not be available.
  • Some buildings may suffer moderate to severe damage.
  • Students and staff that are injured during the emergency may need to be cared for within the school itself.
Some suggested planning steps:
  • Form a focus group to develop plan and oversee implementation
  • Develop a site map.
  • Identify and assess hazard impacts  - could they affect students and staff.
  • Plan for the consequences of hazards - identify safe areas, evacuation and potential damage.
  • Plan should identify who is responsible for doing what and when.
  • Recovery - identify long term requirements.
  • Review your plan and advise parents/caregivers and the local community.

'Action-Reaction'  The New Zealand East Coast Hazard Education Kit

This school education kit is designed for Levels 2-4 (Year 4-8) students to teach them about natural hazards and civil defence preparedness. It was produced jointly by Hawkes Bay and Gisborne local authorities.

The Kit comprises an educational booklet, a poster and a copy of a picture book 'Isabel's Upside-Down Day' by Hawkes Bay author Rosamond Rowe. This kit has been given free for use in Gisborne schools. A complementing video prepared by Simon Nixon Productions is available for loan (or copies can be purchased by schools) and includes archive footage of floods, earthquakes and other disasters.

For a copy of the East Coast Hazard Education Kit contact us.

Check other education resources available 

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